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The number of new Web sites being added to the World Wide Web is astronomical. For that reason it is important that a Web site describes products, services or organizations clearly, memorably and in a professional manner. It should load quickly, be visually compelling to help hold visitor's interest and be well organized and easy to navigate. We work closely with our customers to design attractive, fast loading and consistently arranged Web sites where information can be found quickly and easily.

If desired, we will design Web sites in their entirety with minimum client consultation. However we prefer to have client input in the form of suggested text, existing logos, brochures, and graphics from which to build an effective Web page and one that continues existing advertising themes.

We offer the "Standard Web package" for simpler sites and the "Custom" web site designing for more complex sites with multiple pages. Some customers prefer to start with the Standard Package and in time have it modified to a Custom site. Our full complex of design and formatting services include: graphic design, photographic & scanning services, HTML coding, auto responders, image mapping, cascading style sheets, visitor counters, customer input forms, tables, frames, animated graphics, Flash, PHP scripting, mySQL online database support and more.


When used properly, graphics and photos can greatly enhance the overall appeal of a Web site. But when used incorrectly they can actually inhibit its effectiveness. So that the "look" of your Web site will be unique, we prefer to create original graphics (including logos) rather than "borrow" them from Clip Art or other Web sites. The graphics we create are designed with visual appeal, speed of loading and utilization by Search Engines in mind.

Graphics possibilities:

  • Company logos or icons.
  • Images (usually photos or sketches) showing your product, persons using your product or services and exterior or interior views of your business site or personnel.
  • A road map to your business location
  • Navigation buttons / menus
  • Image maps
  • Animations, Flash or highlighting graphics

Maintenance, Updates & Support

One important advantage of advertising on the World Wide Web over other kinds of promotion is the ease and speed in making periodic changes. If we maintain your site for you, usually a simple e-mail or FAX exchange and the Web site can be updated within a matter of hours. These periodic alterations might reflect modifications in your operation, new products, seasonal offerings or just an occasional addition or removal of graphic images to give your Web site a fresh look.

In an effort to maximize that advantage, we offer our customers prompt service to all their updating and maintenance needs. However, for web site owners who prefer the speed and freedom of making their own changes to frequently updated pages, we will design your web sites with a password protected administrative area. This will allow customers the ability to make independent changes by simply filling in custom designed online forms for that purpose. There will no need to learn HTML coding, style sheets or other web page design tools. Fees for maintenance, design work and hosting are discussed on the Pricing page.

Web Site Hosting

Once your Web pages are designed and ready for public viewing they need a "home" on the World Wide Web so they can be accessed by Internet traffic (your prospective clients). This is done by placing them on a hosting service "server" which rents space on their machines which are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. CJ Dezign will work with hosting providers on your behalf.

As an added value, weekly (and monthly) Web site statistic reports are e-mailed to ALL customers whose Web sites are maintained by CJ Dezign. From these reports you can determine:

  • the number of visitors to your web site each day/week/month
  • which hours of the day the activity on your Web site takes place.
  • which of your web pages are receiving the most traffic
  • how they found your site (referrers) and more...
  • how long they stayed

These reports are provided at no additional cost and are useful in evaluating how your site is doing and in helping to decide if making changes or additions to your site would make it more effective.

As part of our service, we can set up mail boxes or e-mail forwarding addresses as required.


Site Registration With Search Engines

We will register the Web sites of all CJ Dezign clients, individually, with the major Web Search Engines: Alta Vista, AOL, DMOZ Open Directory, Google, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, Northern Lights, MSN Search, Snap, WhatUSeek, Webcrawler, Yahoo and others.. These Search Engines consist of huge databases that are accessed by millions of Internet users each day and are the primary tools used to find information on the World Wide Web.

We use a number of web page designing techniques that will consistently place "our" Web sites high in search engine queries. This is very important as it will be the Web sites at the top of the list that receive the most traffic. A Web site with few visitors has very little value.


Hosting Equipment/Web Connection

An important aspect of deciding where to host your Web site is knowing if the hosting service can keep up with the access needs of prospective visitors.


Photo Services

Customer-supplied photographs, negatives or slides will often suffice for Web page images if they are sharp and properly exposed. Some customer-supplied photos can be improved or manipulated using our professional imaging software.

You may decide to give your site a competitive edge by using professionally created photos. Consider using the services of a professional photographer to add professionalism to your Web site. All photographic services are charged on an hourly basis.