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Why a Web Site?

A Web site is simply a tool to give you or your business more public exposure and extend your public image. Additionally it gives your business a widely expanded market, greater credibility and ultimately more growth. A Web site won't eliminate the need to advertise in other media, but WWW advertising works very effectively as an integral part of your other forms of advertising. An effectively designed web site should even allow you to cut back on some of your other advertising costs.

Do I Need A Professional Web Designer?

Probably you know someone who has created a web site all by himself or herself. So if they can do it why use a professional at all? Can't you create your own business or organization's web site in your spare time and without the services of a professional web site designer? The answer is probably, yes. But following are some reasons why it may not be a wise idea for you.


Many non-professionals use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web page creating software. While this kind of software is nice in that it's similar to working with a word processing program, many of these programs don't write "valid" HTML code. The problem with invalid HTML code is that while the page may look fine on some browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.), it may not look even acceptably good on some other browsers or even on different versions of the same browser. CJ Dezign designs web pages that WILL validate according to W3C validations specifications. (Try using the W3C Validation Service to test a web site that a non-professional has designed and see the results.)


For most of us, time is a precious commodity. Is it better to take the time away from your business and other activities to learn how to create and maintain an effective web site? You need to decide if you have the time to follow through on these necessary parts of web site design:

  • Learn HTML coding (it requires more than just wysiwyg web editing software)
  • Learn how to use the various software packages needed to:
    1. create and edit web pages
    2. scan or otherwise create graphics
    3. optimize graphics
    4. upload pages to the host
    5. decipher raw log files to analyze traffic to your web site.
  • Learn good web design principles - design your pages so they load quickly, are easy to navigate and do well in Search Engine queries
  • Learn where to go and how to obtain a domain name
  • Learn what to do with the web pages once they are created - where they go and how to get them there.
  • Obtain several types of browser software to test your web pages for browser compatibility/validity.


Saving money is the main reason most would consider designing their own web site. But by designing their own, are they really saving? It's takes a substantial monetary investment to purchase the necessary software to create a professional looking web site. It also takes a considerable amount of time to learn how to use the various programs effectively. Many business owners don't have that kind of time to spare and are usually better off investing their time in what they know best - running their business.


When a professional web designer is hired the customer receives the benefits of their business experience, artistic talent, technological skills and the expertise to help you establish a effective, highly visible presence on the Internet. CJ Dezign will work with you to analyze your competitions' web presence - their strengths and weaknesses. Using that research we will construct your web site based on your business strengths and the weaknesses of your competition. Your web pages will be built to load quickly, be user friendly, appeal to your target audience and encourage repeat visits.

A web page professional can advise you on what you should do to promote your web pages, and how you can develop your own skills and knowledge needed to communicate with potential customers on the Internet. Your web page designer will want you to be successful and recommend his services to others, so he will do all he can to make your pages a success.

Comparison to Traditional Advertising

The cost of advertising is one of the first considerations in which most business persons are interested. Typically annual fees on a two or three inch ad in your local newspaper can run into the hundreds of dollars. . .and that's not including the costs paid to a designing service to create the ad for you. By comparison, the annual hosting fees for a Web site through
CJ Dezign
will be remarkably less. Furthermore, instead of a snippet of information crammed into a couple of inches of space, your Web site can include descriptions, color images and pages of information!

Unlike traditional newspaper, yellow page or magazine advertising where listings are typically placed under ONE specific category (or "keyword"), when we register your Web site with the major web Search Engines, your business is indexed under NUMEROUS keyword descriptions.

Using most traditional advertising methods your exposure reaches a relatively small geographic area. For example, in the past persons in nearby towns generally learned of area businesses through their local newspaper, phone book, radio or TV. But those types of media cover only a limited local area. Persons just outside of that area searching for specific services might have been interested in your business had they known of its existence. With a Web site, you can reach those customers. . . and better yet, they'll have the potential to find you!

Similarly, pleasure or business travelers to your area may not know of your business until they arrive in your community and access the local phone directory. Your Web site can reach and inform travelers before they arrive. That long distance capability even extends to international prospects who might be interested in your business, products or services. Your Web site literally has exposure to a world-wide audience.

Anything that can be put on paper - text, graphics, photos, order forms and more - can be put on a Web site and remember, the World Wide Web never closes. Your advertising runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week! What radio or television coverage can give you that kind of exposure?

Compatibility With Traditional Advertising

There certainly is good reason to continue with some conventional advertising. Placing the address of your Web site in your conventional advertising (including letterhead, brochures, business cards, etc.) can increase their effectiveness. It gives interested parties a place to go for additional and more comprehensive information than can be affordably placed in conventional forms of advertising. Additionally, the information carried on your Web site can at any time be easily updated to reflect any special offers or seasonal changes.

What's more, prospective customers don't have to wait until business hours to receive information from you. They can access your Web site information when it's convenient for them - 24 hours a day!

Updating Ease and Flexibility

If CJ Dezign manages your Web site for you, changes and additions to your Web pages are generally as simple as an e-mail message, a phone call or a fax. No typesetting deadlines weeks or months in advance. Most simple alterations and updates will be accomplished within hours.

Not only are changes handled with ease, but when compared with advertising media such as pamphlets and brochures in which changes to your services or products aren't reflected until the current print run has been depleted, your Web site advertising can be changed as often as you'd like.


According to recent statistics, 125,000 new Internet Access Accounts are established every month in the United States alone. If structured carefully, your Web site marketing campaign will gain a greater response for far less money than you would ever attain with conventional advertising media.

If you are interested in tapping this quickly expanding market, guess what? You need a Web site on the World Wide Web. We hope you'll choose CJ Dezign to assist with your "link to the future".


How It Works

  1. Initial Consultation
    We'll meet over the phone or in person to discuss your web site needs.

  2. First Deposit
    To begin the job, we require a 1/2 deposit and a signed contract.

  3. Page Content
    We'll determine how many pages you will need and whether or not you have existing material to fill those pages.

    Suggestion: Use Microsoft Word
    It is best to provide text in some sort of computerized format such as Microsoft Word. This will speed up the process. CD, zip or floppy is an acceptable format. You may also email the text data for your web site If however, you do not have any text online, you can provide hand written or printed material but that will slow down the process and may cost extra.

  4. Artwork (jpg, gif or tif format)
    The best possible method for providing graphics is to supply computer images (i.e. jpg, gif, tif). This will guarantee the highest quality. If you don't have computer images -- brochures, photographs and other printed material will work too but often times a scanned image of printed material may result in a lesser quality image.

  5. Template Approval
    The first major milestone is the template design. CJ Dezign will design a web site template in preparation for text and pictures. You will be able to view the template in a staging/test area located on CJ Dezign's server.

  6. Sign off
    A sign off for the template to be used will be required before final work will continue.

  7. Construction and Completion of your web site
    Believe it or not, now comes the easy part. Your text and photographs will be arranged on each page. you will be able to view it remotely from your computer. You can email or call in changes and corrections.

  8. Web site Optimization
    Your web site will be optimized in preparation for the search engines.

  9. Final Signoff and Last Deposit
    When the web site is completely ready to be launched, you will sign it off and give CJ Dezign the final deposit.

  10. Web site Launch!
    After receiving the final payment, we will copy your web site to the server. We will tweak any final modifications

  11. Search Engine Submission
    Your web site will be submitted to the search engines.

You Are on Your WAY!